Let's make it easier to register by using registration phrases instead of signs!

Currently ~75% of challenges are due to mistakes with signs. We can do better: Let's make it easier to register by using registration phrases instead of signs! - HackMD

Would love feedback; leave comments on the doc or here in the thread! If you see problems, please say so. If you like the idea of this, please say so.


This sounds good! For example at crowdfunding group we have decided to forbid handwritten signs to minimize chances of challenge but sometimes people find our group a bit late when they already have a profie up and they get annoyed that they need to cancel and resubmit but it’s the way we found to protect funds.
Also, for example we have helped a homeless person for whom it was also quite an issue to print the address, so I thinks it’s a very interesting idea! :slight_smile:


Not really, hispanic speaking people just pronounce the words as it sounds, imo this is the Best idea we have so far

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Thanks for your thoughts!

I agree that it might make it a bit harder for people who don’t know English well. One thing we could do is offer people the option of letting people choose between English or Spanish — The whole registration statement and phrase can easily be displayed in either language. This would probably capture 95%+ of the people trying to register today — and we could expand it to other languages over time as the need arises.

I think demonstrating the correct approach to signs with imagery and video might help some, but I don’t think it would be enough — there are too many ways to screw it up, and even if you don’t screw it up, it’s time-consuming.


It’s an interesting idea, but once the project begins to expand outside of the English & Spanish (and non-European language ) communities this system will run into problems. A number of non-European language speakers are often incapable of pronouncing certain letters, letter combinations, etc, quite simply because those sounds and letters don’t exist in their language. If we were to have a Russian juror judging the pronunciation of a Japanese applicant, there is A LOT of room for misinterpretation.

Of course the same issue exists with the current system too…

1st Suggestion:

Rather than word phrases, why not a randomly generated number string? There is still a slight issue with pronunciation but this is limiting the number of possibilities down to 1 through to 9, rather than an entire language of phrases & words?

Edit: This would make it easier at a later point when we need language specific jurors, all they would need to do is know the number 1 - 9 in the target language. I’d argue many people know how to count to 10 in more than one language, but can’t actually speak the language itself, so a juror could in theory be used for multiple cases.

2nd suggestion:

  • Randomly generated QR code + a short number phrase given during initial registration

  • User prints / shows QR code & number phrase, reading the number phrase out (number phrase could be replaced with simple hand gesture pictographs for Deaf / Mute communities)

  • Juror verifies QR code & number (or hand gesture)

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Hacerlo en los idiomas más conocidos . Y listo 💁🏼

I’m not sure that pronouncing phrases would lead to less errors than writing.
I think it may actually be the opposite as it’s easier to see a mistake in writing than by listening to the video.
On the other hands words may be more meaningful and less likely be done wrong by English speakers.

I don’t know which effect would be the stronger and this would require making some tests to see if it effectively reduces the error rate or increases it.