[Phase 1] HIP-XX Add option to verbal spelling instead of only visual sign

HIP: <Number to be assigned>
title: Optional verbal spelling of public address
author: Alex Van de Sande
status: Phase 1
created: 2021-12-15

Simple Summary

This would add the option to have a user, instead of holding a sign with their address, give a verbal confirmation of their public address. Either visual or verbal confirmation would be accepted.


This is a formalization of a proposal that has been pushed forward many times and would be a requirement in order to simplify the onboarding flow. I am following the formal process to make it to a governance vote eventually.

The user, when onboarding, should be able to decide either to make a visual or verbal confirmation (or both) of their public address during their video. This could come in many formats: the user could spell out the first N letters in NATO alphabet to increase understandability (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Uno, Duo, etc), or maybe the address could be converted into another format for easier spelling out the full address (something novel, akin to the Loot, but NOT similar to a seed phrase–we want to make sure the user can’t accidentally mistake these, nor is trained to share their secret phrase).


The advantages are clear:

  • Easier flow, as the user can do all the process in one take in the video by following simple instructions on screen
  • No props needed. Human doesn’t need to fish around to get a pen and a paper or find a second screen, nor spend a long time trying to slowly copy the address.
  • More accessible. For people with movement or vision impairment, this would make it easier for them to be included in the system
  • DOESN’T EXCLUDE SIGNS: users who still prefer to hold signs (maybe someone who is speech impaired, or just shy) can still use visual confirmation of their address.
  • I support this proposal
  • I am against this proposal
  • I would abstain from this discussion

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For the context, the reason the address is asked in the video is to prevent frontrunning (i.e. someone spotting a registration TX and taking the video to submit it from another address).
So any way to make the video specific to an address would work.

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Given that I have seen the UI proposed to achieve this, it looks like a promising HIP.
I’m in favor of this for now.

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