Open letter: Prologue to the HIP to destitute Clément

This is a message to the smear campaign trying to accuse me, the author of this HIP of being “destructive”, or “taking this personal”. If you are using those arguments, then it is you who is attacking me personally and it is you who is taking this personally against me. The reasons for this HIP is just the feelling of the necessity to move the DAO forward and to remove the main obstacle for the progress of Proof of Humanity. Under any circumstance I am trying to create and adversarial or a cult of personality or incendiary discussions, and my reasons are strictly pragmatic and pacifist in nature. Any dialogue in which these topic is arised should be considered, by the purist of definitions, an ad-hominem attack, and not addressing the real issue at hand.

I am under no circunstance addressing this issue “out of grudge” for Clément as a person, and any manifestations of this were made in the private sphere and have nothing to do with what the contents of this HIP is about. I value whatever contribution Clément has done for the DAO, but I think that it is time for the DAO reflect on the values and the character of the people leading its mission.

Clément can continue to work and build a better Proof of Humanity, giving valuable ideas and opinions, but not in any position that gives an amount of power that he is not able to handle.

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Although I am voting against clements removal, I agree that Ludoviko is taking the right approach. Any human should be free of raising an HIP to propose removing a board member and leave it up to the community to vote. If he think Clement 8s being an obstacle he is free to think so and act accordingly. It’s the most democratic approach.