[Phase 1] HIP-38: Election of Proposers

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HIP 38

HIP: 38
title: Election of Proposers
author: @ludoviko, @juanumusic, @jputzel
status: Draft
created: 2022-01-26

Simple summary

This HIP establishes that the addresses gathered from the snapshot poll (later deleted by Snapshot admins but still retrievable through other means) is a legitimate list of candidates for the proposer role, and to establish the addresses of that list should be instated as the initial seed of proposers in the Snapshot platform.


HIP-34 established that “Proposers” are comprised of “People elected as proposer through a proposal” (apart from Mission Board Members and others).

This proposal aims to elect the first batch of proposers. A snapshot poll was used to gather a list of addresses of people interested in having that role.


Original and deleted proposal was in this link: Snapshot. This is the IPFS link for the proposal (that does not contain the votes): https://ipfs.fleek.co/ipfs/QmbDBvUJNhyaWUu1nhGPSEpuCxqhWP9hwC2FdQuJNM1tVY

As an alternative, this is the IPFS of signed votes for proposers: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYwumh4oS8N6iUvqEEhsJZkaN2DY7dfkcvrNRttzAoUTP?filename=ipfs_signed_proposors.txt. This list was provided by Laurent Genoud, developer and admin of the official Snapshot Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @snapshotlabs).

The poll was used in order to guarantee that proposers belonged to the registry. There was only one option “I offer myself as Proposer”. This document Votes poh.eth WITH LINK - Google Sheets has the IPFS links which show which people voted that option, so they voted in clear knowledge that they offered themselves as proposers.


Use the addresses stated in column C in this link Votes poh.eth WITH LINK - Google Sheets or https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmf8Nwezy1gpbtctdHtFPPJFezT6euFcCu5QFUrQYYVu3C?filename=proposoooooooooooooooors.txt (IPFS copy of the list), to grant them the ability to post proposals in the PoH Snapshot pages.


@jputzel, @juanu, we just need an abstract and I think it’s ready for phase 2

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Here’s the post for Phase-2: [Phase 2] HIP-38: Election of Proposers

Will contact admins to post it on Snapshot.

Thanks Luis and Juanu for collaborating.

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