[Phase-1] Vouching Incentive #1 - Pinakion (PNK) Airdrop to Incentivize Vouching AND Jury Duty

title: Vouching Incentive 1 - Pinakion (PNK) airdrop to incentivize vouching and jury duty
authors: @ivan
status: Phase 1 - Signaling
created: 2020-06-23
final edition: 
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languages: EN

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Simple Summary

This proposal is taken out of this thread’s conversation “PNK Airdrop to responsible vouchers
This thread is to come to consensus on the reward structure and quantity.


In order to incentivize good vouching behavior, registered humans will be entitled to receive Pinakions (PNK) based on how many vouches they give, the rewards could be in a tier system where the more vouches the more PNK they could receive. Humans receiving PNK are encouraged to stake them in a general or specific court in Kleros for an opportunity to judge a case based on their expertise.


Inculcating a culture of decentralized justice is a perfect use-case for humans registered in Proof of Humanity to develop. Since it would be the first Airdrop, this initiative could also serve as an example for future airdrops from protocols looking for traction specifically for PoH registered users.

Specification of the Rewards

1. Milestone System

  1. Reach 5 vouches: 500 PNK received
  2. Reach 15 vouches: 1500 PNK received
  3. Reach 25 vouches: 2500 PNK received

2. Tier System

  1. For every extra vouch in certain range, then a user gets X amount of PNK

We could start with those parameters and wait for the data to tell us if that was the right incentive amount. Any feedback to improve upon this is very much appreciated.


Could be an interesting way to incentivize engaged users to also stake in Kleros.
Note that the POH DAO doesn’t currently hold any PNK, so it’d be good if the proposal would propose to acquire some (could be making a UBI auction asking for PNK).

Also the name of PNK is Kleros (the team initially called it Pinakion but the community used Kleros and that’s the name which has been retained in the registry).

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Great initiative :clap:, interesting proposal.

Where will the PNK come from? Will PoH buy it? Or is their an agreement with Kleros to provide it?

If Kleros provides it then maybe this proposal rests better with the Kleros Cooperative to implement . Any project is free to give anything they want to registered humans - so we wouldn’t need to make any decision in this DAO.

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Hello everyone,

I get a vague sense that a divide is forming between Kleros’ and Proof of Humanity’s communities when we should be rooting for each other. If there is going to be an extremely long debate on the merits and counterparts of a vouching incentive then it is better to kill this proposal right now.

Both @clesaege and @santisiri have vast influence on what gets implemented (and what not) and hopefully, this thread is an opportunity to show each other a willingness to collaborate. A kind of bipartisanship.

If I understand correctly, @clesaege is implying that the POH DAO has to acquire PNK via a snapshot vote. Then the acquired PNK would be distributed when each profile reaches the programmed milestones or threshold.

Assuming PoH humans would support this first vote, then let’s name specifics.

Should we do a “smaller” test run and buy a small amount of 50,000 PNK (~5326.15 USD) to run an experiment?

Should we go big and buy more?

What are the milestones appropriate to award PNK at? 5 -10 -15 - more?

Is this not in the interest of the PoH DAO?

Please take the time to respond to those questions and add anything else that I might be missing. Be honest. Tag whoever also needs to answer these questions.

CC: @Mads @paulaberman @Justin @HBesso31 @ludovico @federicoast @Jrag

I think we should either do it or not do but a “test run” is likely to cost more in term work than the value distributed.

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We are all in it together and will succeed together! I have tremendous respect for Kleros, Democracy Earth, and everyone participating (even hodl PNK to stake my support). What we have accomplished already is because of the blend of everyone.

I get to interact regularly with Kleros & Democracy Earth members (an amazing honor). From my perspective, everyone involved has a level of respect for each other and aligns on the most important fronts. Sometimes there is palpable friction, but I would hope for some - you know you are on the right path when it’s not easy.

It would be a great tragedy if a divide formed.


Hey, @iafhurtado great initiative. I’ve read/heard this before in chats. So is good to have it as a potential HIP. I’ll add the following things missing for this proposal to fairly reward all those people caring for curating the PoH registry.

The PNK rewards should also include those:

  • Defending cases. This includes the activities of exploring the registry, contacting cases at risk, developing a defense, staking ETH for the appeal, etc.
  • Funding humans. This includes the activities of helping onboard humans and funding them.

These arguments come from personal experience and from actively working with the community to onboard, fund, and assist people. Vouching is just a part of it. And for example, I am not able to vouch for people with gasless vouch through my Trezor, thus I have not vouched, instead, I’ve focused my efforts on funding, assisting, and getting vouches from other people.

I believe this proposal is great because there are many people putting HOURS every day in defending cases. These people are doing this job out of their hearts and giving them PNK will allow that PoH is curated with fairness.

Hola, @iafhurtado gran iniciativa. Ya había leído/escuchado esto en los chats. Así que es bueno tenerlo como un potencial HIP. Añadiré las siguientes cosas que faltan para que esta propuesta recompense de forma justa a todas aquellas personas que se preocupan por curar el registro del PdH.

Las recompensas del PNK también deberían incluir:

  • La defensa de los casos. Esto incluye las actividades de explorar el registro, contactar con los casos en riesgo, desarrollar una defensa, apostar ETH para el recurso, etc.

  • Financiación de humanos. Esto incluye las actividades de ayudar a embarcar humanos y financiarlos.

Estos argumentos provienen de la experiencia personal y del trabajo activo con la comunidad para invitar, financiar y ayudar a las personas. Los avales son sólo una parte de ello. Y, por ejemplo, yo no puedo avalar a personas con la opción “sin gas” a través de mi Trezor, por lo que no he avalado, en cambio, he centrado mis esfuerzos en financiar, ayudar y obtener avales de otras personas.

Creo que esta propuesta es estupenda porque hay mucha gente que pone horas cada día en la defensa de los casos. Estas personas hacen este trabajo de corazón y darles el PNK permitirá que el PdH sea curado de manera justa.

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I agree with the sentiment, but I have some objections, and I think your suggestions can be made on a separate proposal.

To reward these activities under “Defending cases”, we would need a clear way of measuring each of these actions, and decide how much to incentivize each action. Vouching is a lot easier to measure than those, since the actions occur on-chain.

I invite you to check this idea that might allow for more flexibility and nuanced rewards for each action: Brainstorming Appeal DAO Also, such DAO could ask for a grant from the PoH DAO.

Similar to the above, if all crowdfunders in the platform are incentivized, then someone that actually has the funds will have an incentive to have someone else crowdfund them, and then crowdfund someone else with no actual benefit to the registry.

If we consider that most people doing crowdfunds are not doing that, then it might be a lesser problem.

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I agree with both @HBesso31 and @0x6687c671980e65ebd722b9146fc61e2471558dd6_Ethereum feedback and think we can take pieces from both posts. I think it would be wise to leave Defending cases aside, and include Funding humans into the first HIP proposal. Let me explain why.

Even though Defending cases is the more time-intensive activity than funding or vouching, it is the fuzziest to track and measure. Staking ETH for the appeal is easier to track as opposed to developing a defense, but then how do you set up a mechanism to reward defenders. Every 1 ETH staked in the defense of another human earns you 500 PNK?? I think we should leave this for another HIP thread.

Funding humans on the other hand, in my view, demonstrates great “user” behavior - user being a human in this case, and should be rewarded accordingly. Right now a normal deposit is ~0.18 ETH, if a user funds 10 new users (~1.8 ETH) they get an extra 100 PNK.

What do you guys think is fair for the vouching threshold, once you vouch for 5 or up to 10 humans they get 500 PNK?? that would give me extra motivation as a promoter myself.

I just realized that vouches alone might not be the best measure to track contributions to the registry. If a vouch is made to a profile already registered, then it doesn’t help much, and it’s easy to game the system…

So, depending on our intentions, there should be a way to track vouches that were given to people that didn’t have any vouches, that then get registered. I’m not sure if it’s feasible, or if it adds too much complexity.

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We need to focus on both being practical and meaningful at the same time.
Defendors can be track manually by providing the evidence of the defense, for example the PDF with the case defence and a screenshot of the conversation between the defendor and the challenged person.

At this moment, it is very easy to vouch anyone (except those who have Trezor -like me). But the labour of assisting a user by checking his/her profile before submitting it and defending those cases that the explicit rule will cause them to loose their ETH are the most meaningful things we need to reward. The people doing these things are doing them are the ones we need in the long run.

Putting funds for others to enter, is also a big risk people is taking. Funding others include the task of DYOR, which again, consumes time.

Desingning a tokenomics within an already running org requires to understand the cultural set of its community along the economic incentives that will keep it rolling.

I agree automation is where we need to go, however in order to automate we need to walk the walk and understand the manual processes going on.

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I believe that anything that relies on manually tracking actions would kind of go against the purpose of creating decentralized and trustless mechanisms that we are are trying to develop.

That said, I would vote “yes” on a proposal for a grant to a group that provide those services, preferably if that group is a DAO that has transparent methods to share these rewards within its community. For example, a Rolling Funds DAO, or an Appeals DAO.