[Phase 2] HIP-46: Abolish HIP-16

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Simple Summary

Render HIP-16 null and void, and remove PoH legitimacy over making admin roles eligible.


Nullify HIP-16, removing any official PoH formality over how admin roles are elected or removed. In it current state, HIP-16 acts as a barrier for admin changes.


One of the points of HIP-16, specifically point 4 of Elections:

Elections are made using quadratic voting (negative votes are allowed)

is not possible. Thus, this HIP-16 effectively removes any possibility of electing new admins, or kicking current admins, because the due process designed by it cannot be followed as it is specified.

Also, admin roles that were acquired before this HIP-16 did not go through the process, so the HIP-16 shields them from accountability, as they cannot be removed from their positions.


Nullifying HIP-16 eliminates the legitimacy current PoH admin roles have over their positions, solving the issue described in Motivation.


Abolish HIP-16.

Snapshot link below, as a reply.


I’ve just posted it on behalf of Green here: Snapshot