PNK Airdrop to responsible vouchers

Idea: PNK airdropped to vouchers that have only vouched profiles that were successfully registered would:

  • Incentivize participation from active members of the PoH community in the Kleros Humanity court;
  • Lower the barrier to accessing Kleros Humanity court and dillute big players;
  • Incentivize responsible vouching;
  • Indirectly penalize malicious vouching (vouch and challenge).

Responsible vouchers probably are able to tell accurately when a submission is correct or not, so they will be a good addition to the court.


The airdrop for each user should be at least the minimum amount required to be a participant in the Human court.

The airdrop could be released monthly, or at specific milestones: 6k registered humans, 10k registered humans.

The airdrop could be given only to the most active responsible vouchers:

  • Top 10 vouchers (with no challenges)
  • Vouchers with the biggest chain of vouchees without challenges - (incentivizes helping your vouchees to be responsible too)
  • Any combination of the two

PR opportunity: Kleros would be the first platform to employ PoH to do fair airdrops.


Idk, probably Kleros? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this idea.


Great idea! It could incentivize more interaction of PoH registered users in Kleros Court, staking, buying further PNK, and voting.

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I think using POH to do some PNK airdrop would look cool.
Giving to all vouchers, why not, but Kleros already conducted a few airdrops and giving enough PNK to aidropees so that they have some chance of being drawn may be quite expensive.
We could also use POH in combination of interaction with other dapps (like airdroping some bonus to jurors registered in POH, giving some airdrop to POH members who used a particular dapp), this could be used to incentivize people to try stuff related to Kleros while protecting from someone making a ton of fake accounts to claim most of it.


Maybe some kind of airdrop for people already registered in POH that have PNK staked in Humanity Court in some future date. By setting a future date you give time to interested people in registering, buying PNK and stake them in court. At the same time, as you need to register in POH and stake PNK in the court, this will prevent someone creating many account in order to get the airdrop.


I love this idea as I have been reading a lot on how to start being a juror on Kleros and an airdrop would give a direct incentive for PoH users to go and stake and hopefully be picked as a juror. I think having tiers would be great such as:

vouched up to 5 humans - then you receive 100 PNK
vouch more than 5 but less than 10 - 200 PNK
and so on…

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this is a good idea :bulb:, surprised i just saw it now. any plans on doing it?


Reposting my comments from the Kleros forum X post:

Instead of an airdrop, what about attention mining, say a Juror Education Program’?

Reward humans for educating themselves about POH (how pools work, responsible vouching, history of rejected profiles for poor lighting, etc)& Kleros and answering a short quiz afterwards similar to gitcoin’s ‘Quests’ or Coinbase earn and use POH for sybill resistance to make sure the education reward can be distributed only once per person? For example reading comprehension quiz drawing from the Kleros book material.


Thanks everyone for your feedback! I’ll research a bit more about the available tools, and write a new draft focusing on incentivizing education about PoH, Kleros, and the Human court.

Thanks @shotaro for the links!

(btw if there’s anyone reading that has the tools and knowledge to execute this or create a prototype quickly, feel free to do so)