"PoH - the human farm"

I am new to the project and a simple volunteer who believes in the project and tries to contribute her grain of sand.
The reason for my publication is that after the observation and analysis made with a group of volunteers of the “Spanish Telegram group”. We have discovered a suspicious number of transactions directed to the same person (ETH Wallet) from other profiles registered in POH. Given this information the main suspicion is that this person is a “farmer”.
There is a saying that “what is not forbidden is allowed” and after continuing to read different sources I have not found any rule that prevents a group of profiles to benefit from UBI TOKEN income given by more than 100 profiles, which correspond to people who are registered surely without knowing that their identity is being used for the “benefit” of a few.
We know that the objective of POH is to create a “human base” free of robots and duplicates, being us, the registered humans, the ones in charge of keeping the registry away from possible “attacks”. It is universal, regardless of race, gender, place of birth, age, etc. And it rewards us with accumulation of UBI in the wallet. But “to whose wallet?” “Does it only matter that the registry is free of bots and duplicates?”
I am hopeful that these types of organizations will be deregistered from the registry as has already happened at POH.
I wonder “What actions could we take into consideration to discourage these types of organizations?” “Why is this type of research not rewarded, but the challenge of a registry is?” And I wonder, “Wouldn’t it be better to not only keep the registry free of bots and duplicates, but also keep it free of these opportunists?”
What would happen to the POH if these types of organizations took over, by increasing the number of registrants?
What would happen if they voted HIP by having control of those accounts?
Wouldn’t an audit of the profiles be necessary?
We all want the success of the project, that is why it is necessary and urgent to do something to deter the known “farmers”


There have been a few cases of farmers and I believe that with the right evidence, you could challenge those profiles .

Keep in mind that this kind of behavior could mean a farmer or just someone helping profiles to register or managing their funds, so it’s always good to do proper diligence to be certain that this is a farming case.

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I understand what you are saying. But I find it odd that of the 115 or so profiles none can be traced since all their names are fictitious (also accepted by POH), that to move the funds once the UBI’s are exchanged for DAI’s go through 5(FIVE) ETH ADDRESSES created with a SINGLE TRANSACTION to send the DAI’s then sending them to Binance. Let about half of the UBIS deposited to your POH address be sent to a removed profile to perform exactly the same steps to extract the money. Would we do five transactions if we are helping other profiles to manage their funds losing money along the way if everything is in order or are these actions to mislead?
What do you think?

I am not sure. I havent looked at the data. Maybe it would be good if you looked at some of the past cases of farmes. I know some were removed. Maybe having that as a base ground it could help you figure out what kind of evidence you need to collect in order to challenge the profile on the Kleros Court.

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Here and here you can find two examples of profiles which where accused of being farmed and which were removed. Check out the evidence provided in these cases.

I’ve changed my mind many times about this topic and I’m not sure what’s the best action to take, if any. If you can prove that a person was manipulated and doesn’t own the Ethereum account, you might be able to remove them.

hey Monik, would you be able to provide us with list of addresses that you’ve found?

Feel free to create a Google Sheets or hackmd document, so we can take a look.

As many have expressed, this is a nuanced subject, but actions have been taken before to try to prevent it.

Also, if I remember correctly, there’s some interest in doing a “social graph” analysis that will help uncover these farms.

Relevant to this topic:

El archivo compartido en el grupo de PoH Gobernanza.

Hi. Thanks for the information on the two profiles accused of being farmed, I will investigate them to learn more about it. Everything investigated was shared in the Telegram governance group in Spanish.
Thank you very much.

Here’s the spreadsheet Monik and others compiled:

Reading your publication much of what is expressed there would help to stop the creation of farms.
Excellent contribution

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