Post your PoH NFT thread

We have many threads about NFT initiatives, but no thread for posting NFTs, so here it is.

Created by @uruniq (spread awareness)

Create by Spoon:

Post: Art for good (contest?)

Keep creating!

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Proof of Beauty $HASH (project turning transactions into generative art) - it is the most favorited $HASH on OpenSea!


I’ve sent a request to the Proof of Beauty team to give their seal of approval on it! (Verdict)

The project gathered a lot of attention because they had another project launched with the London Hardfork and that was the top of the leaderboard of eth burners on

A piece of Proof of Humanity and Kleros’ history: an evidence used on case #554 (Owocki’s case), minted by the author that submitted it and won the case.

This evidence sums up the dispute.


Minted this BFT and the funds acquired by this NFT will be donated to ProofOfHumanity CrowdFunding group - THE ROLLING FUNDS. Additionally an ‘Appreciation’ NFT with buyer’s ETH address will be minted on POSTA and will be transferred to the first buyer later.