Art for good (contest?)

Dear humans, I created a Proof of Humanity NFT which is now for sale here. I will use 50% of the profits to burn UBI. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to automate this in an ethereum smart contract, so for now it is only a promise I’m making to the community. For this reason I want to propose an idea.

A few weeks ago someone created a yearn vault which burns 50% of the profits with UBI. It would be awesome if we can have the same concept for NFT marketplaces like opensea and rarible (I tried to do it but was super complicated). Then anyone could sell an NFT in these marketplaces using this contract and donate half of the profits in a decentralized, universal way.

Even more awesome would be to have a POH Art for Good Contest. This is how I imagine it:

  1. Anyone can publish NFTs at Rarible or similar. To enter the contest the NFT name has to start with “#ArtForGoodPOH”, and set the auctions dates according to the contest details.
  2. To prevent spamming and hateful content a deposit could be required or Kleros curation could be used.
  3. Once auctions start, humans registered in POH can give Likes to the artworks using quadratic voting (this could work as an incentive for people to join POH). The number of available likes per user could be set to the total number of artworks published.
  4. At the end of the auctions a score is calculated using both final sell price and total likes received. The NFT with the highest score wins.
  5. The profits of each piece of art is split in the following way: 50% is used to burn UBI, 25% goes to the creator, 25% goes to the prize pool which will be given to the winner of the contest.
  6. Additionally, the winner or the top N NFTs could be showcased at the POH web app.
  7. There are famous people, like Paris Hilton and Grimes, that are into NFTs. We should try to attract them into the contest.
  8. Repeat 1-7 every year.

Cool idea! I like the GIF, placed a bid.

The intersection of NFTs and PoH is something that has been discussed and I believe in. Some of the ideas off the top of my head:


I think this is a great idea, and definitely a space to develop further. Are you aware that some DAOs are fighting for the ownership of NFTs through bidding wars? Pleasrdao for example. Recently they raised money to buy an Edward Snowden NFT.

In the meantime, it would also be interesting to evaluate other alternatives. Can NFTs be minted with a multisig controlled by the DAO? I believe that would be a good start before everything else can be automated.


@Justin Thanks for the support! I forgot about the auction ending date and couldn’t accept your bid, so I just simply transferred the NFT to your account.

Thanks friend, I like this NFT! You deserve to be compensated, I transferred the bid amount (0.1 ETH) back.

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Awesome, just burnt it as promised. I’m glad you like the NFT. I hope you appreciate its details.

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Great idea! This could definitely be expanded in a broader sense as well - To community driven competitions and challenges. Competitions like this in general would be a wonderful way to incentivize community interaction, gamification, prizes, community contributions, give talented individuals in the community an opportunity to illustrate their abilities to the world, and act as a potential burning mechanism.

Community creatives could get involved with competitions for:

  • Art & NFTs
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Make-up & fashion
  • Cook-offs & Bake-offs
  • Voice Acting & Singing
  • General talent competition
  • Share Your Culture Event (Could be any form of content that illustrates your traditional culture to the world)

These can also be used to partner up with other institutions and crypto teams, for example, prizes for Spotify subscriptions (or a crypto-based equivalent such as Mozik), Twitch Tv (or Theta).

It also brings talented members of the PoH community to light as potential candidates for freelance opportunities as PoH expands, AND could be the grounds to kick start our own in house verified Proof of Humanity Talent Network and / or recruitment platform.