UI for an easier PoH signup flow

I am interested in funding a better, simpler UI to make onboarding into Proof of Humanity easier. It requires no knowledge of wallets, records it directly from your device and overall simplifies the process.

Check the flow

I’d love to have your opinions on it. Some comments:

  • You’ll notice that one big change to the flow is that it replaces the sign with an address for the user simply speaking out loud the first N digits of his address (in NATO phonetic alphabet). This would require a governance vote to allow this option but I think it’s a no-brainer to accept it as an alternative. It’s more friendly to vision impaired, those with motion impairments (can’t write well) and doesn’t require the user to start fishing around for props like pen, paper or a second screen.

  • I’m also adding a “make me anonymous/pseudonymous” option. Not sure how it would work but it seems to make sense.

  • It would be a multilingual browser based app. If done correctly it should also be made accessible enough for screen readers so vision impaired people can use it too.

  • It doesn’t require a deposit. While I can allow that for people who have wallets, the default would be to upload the video to a service that allowed others to pick them up and crowdfund. Upcoming changes to $UBI allow you to pay out people in streams, so this would allow a user to pay for their own deposits using future streams: you put the video, someone puts a deposit in exchange for a future stream of UBI. Of course, the person putting the deposit takes a risk: if the claim is denied they will lose the deposit and not get paid their UBI.

I am looking for some feedback from the community before proceeding building this tool. Thanks!


Hey. There seems to be a lot of work in this. It looks very cool. Congratulations.

Your ideas touch many aspects of POH (some of which might be feasable and some not at least in the foreseable future). I personally like some and not others.
I will advice to go with baby steps and propose to improve some small part of the existing UI and go from there. Maybe some of the developers can point you to the documentation and where to start regarding your interests.

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This is great!

I really like th concept… if we can make sure this works on low end smartphones, it could be a very feasible UI to extend the reach of PoH where its needed the most. Excellent contribution @AvsA, keep us posted on any progress… and as you know already I will help you out.

Hey with a group of devs and designers we are already developing a UI, what’s your handler in tg and I Will add you to the groups!

It looks cool, that’s also how I would envision the interface to evolve.
For people without wallet, that’d be cool if they could be on-boarded with PoH, for now the main issue would be about paying for the TX (we could expect people vouching for each others to also provide the deposit).


Hi AvsA this is beautiful.

I believe this is a critical point that needs to be sorted out and reach to a consensus before moving any further. By the comments by @santisiri and @clesaege they seem to be comfortable with this switch from sign to a phrase confirmation. Is this correct?

If we move towards with this, on a next step we would need to sort how to make these special cases:

  • Pronunciation issues
  • People with speech disorders/mute

Also, as I saw with the UI, the video could be uploaded with the text that should be read as subtitles, so it makes easier for the challengers to find mismatches in case they happen.

That is awesome as well but it would be nice to see it working with at least for people that do have a wallet first. Otherwise it would delay to implement an idea that is really good.

Congratulations for the good work.

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I’m @ alexvandesande on tg.

If we can make, in the future, this scheme in which people put a deposit in exchange for a future UBI stream, then I’m sure we can have gas be paid. Ideally it would be best if the user could do all by signing txs, so everything can be done through a relayer. Otherwise it requires some special juggling between miners and the tx sender

This should be an alternative. Some people with speech disorders might still prefer the sign. Yes, the text could be uploaded as a subtitle for people to see it, and we definitely need to encompass strong accents and other languages.

Yes, if you clicked on “I have a wallet” it would redirect you to a sign-in with ethereum button/wallet connect


The UBI Dao had it’s first UIP implementing this feature actually (Streaming features).
The main feature for delegating streams is there, but any extra thoughts or ideas over the implementation are more than welcome.

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Really interesting approach.
Expecting this to be a public repository in which people may contribute.

I really love the concept.

I wonder: how would the “create new wallet” work? Would the UI become a wallet as well? Maybe we want to do that… but it’s not in the core of our mission right now. Or if not: would that generate a seed phrase, that the user can then use to log into another wallet? I see some friction here. I think that downloading a wallet, funding it from a CEX, logging in to proof of humanity and submitting a transaction is working to many people as an onboarding to web3 (I speak for myself and for many friends that I helped here).

Implementing an existing/creating new wallet is an easy task.
Any app can embed a wallet.
For new users, they could use POH as a wallet and then when they want to get deeper into crypto, they might just migrate the same wallet to other apps.

For existing users, they can just use their existing walelt by entering their seed phrase.

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Exactly. See Austin Griffith’s work with burner wallets for a good example.


Prototyping a mobile app =)