We need a powerful story!

Hi folks,

It has occured to me that we’re missing something here. We talk about UBI and the benefits to humanity, but we’re actually not showing those at all. The vision needs to be made real by bringing it down to real people, with real problems.

So - is there a way to locate two or three beneficiaries of the UBI drip who use it to make a difference in their lives? Then feature them in a story to illustrate the goal of UBI and how it is making meaningful change in the world even after such a short time?

“Javier is 34 and last year he lost his job. It’s tough living in a country where 30% of the population don’t have a steady job and where inflation is running at 80%. He manages to do odd jobs for his neighbours from time to time, but it’s a hand to mouth existence. The launch of UBI has really helped Javier to even out his monthly income and avoid having to decide between food and other essential purchases…”

Or something like that. It can be anonymous of course, and it would be best if we could find a local journalist to do the story or stories. Bringing the story down to a personal level gets away from the cold technology and jargon like vaults, APY and other things that many people don’t relate to. People invest in people, why not use that human psychology to help fill the vaults and support the project?

Just a thought.


I completely agree with this. We need to put the story of the people benefitting with UBI out there. If someone can share some testimonies about this, maybe we can prepare and edit a nice video we can share to the larger community.


Great idea. Video and a short story maybe? Are there any South American journalists on PoH who would be willing to lend a hand?

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something i always wanted to see is a video compiling all of the grand parents, mothers, children on proof of humanity saying “i certify that i’m a real human…”

seeing in a quick 1 minute video the real humans benefiting with UBI helps tell the story of why we ubi


I would love to help by making a landing page in NextJS, i18n compliant explaining the benefits in different aspects of their lifes, in order to help citizens to read in their local language “down to reality” about real benefits (not talking about DAO, or Burning or Mint). Also prepare a section for the Press, bringing PR articles, and Press material such as logos, photos, and videos as @santisiri suggested. Let me know and I can push it to any repo. What do you think?


@toiluj23 that’s an awesome offer. Would it be possible to include spaces for a video or two of actual recipients of UBI like @santisiri suggests?

At this point with POH $ubi still in its infancy/building stage, I’d suggest we use anecdotes from other unconditional cash transfer trials.

There is a massive amount of stories from Canada, US, Namibia, etc.

Therefore, tell the stories and finish with, ‘now imagine if this network stretched across the world…’

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I think that missed the opportunity to really demonstrate this project. UBI is obviously helping some people in need. Why not demonstrate that rather than looking at other systems?


So has this initiative died the death of a thousand ignores? :slight_smile:

I offer myself as tribute, if someone creates the questions ill iterate through each question and answer at the most inner and deepest feeling i could go…

With everything that’s been happening in the last couple of hours, it’s probably good to resurface this post. I’m sure we can gather a couple of stories of normal people, non-crypto users that woke up with money they never imagined they could have.


Well we just need to find a story or two, and then draft some questions, take some photos and we’re on our way? I don’t know whether the offer from @toiluj23 still stands, but that could bring it all together nicely. I’m happy to do the writing. @Santi what do you think? :slight_smile:

For sure I’ll be happy to collaborate. Would be good to define together a Layout and understand the content we should display on it.

If anyone can help me, we can start a group and exchange some information. But first we need an approval from owners.

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Hi lads and lasses,
I’m maybe not the best example of the possible benefits of PoH and UBI, but I’m ready to explain to the world how UBI made a real change in my recent past life (hoping this will do more regularly in future).
Just a few words about me: I didn’t know anything about cryptos 7 months ago, before the purposal of a good friend of mine to create a PoH profile. Because I’m intellectually curious, I accepted the challenge and made everything that was asked to get my first UBIs. I’m an old student (actually, I’m 46 and I always worked in my life, but only receiving the french mimimal salary) and my monthly income doesn’t allow me to rent a flat for me and my wife. So I live under the protection of my 100 years old grandmother. I’m studying Educational Sciences in Master. I still have more than one year of studies and last october 20th, UBI really helped me to get out of a bad financial situation… so I would be glad, now, to help improving the project.
If something can be done for that from my possible complete testimony, I would be happy to help for I think that this idea of storytellings about UBI is really important.


Thanks very much @Accattone that’s a fantastic offer. How would you like to contribute? Could you do a short text or would you like me to write something based on the answers to some questions I can send you? Or would you prefer a short (tiny) video or something else?

Hi Nigel,

Actually, I guess that our community should express its point of view about the best way to share different statements realized by our pairs.

Personally, I can write quickly a relatively short basic text that may raise questions from you that I will be happy to answer. But video can’t be ruled out either. It’s just that my English is relatively weak when it comes to speaking.

I only suggest that my proposal be discussed in order to 1) evaluate it; 2) generate other proposals.
What remains certain is that this tool seems to me fundamental to make PoH more concrete to all those who still wonder what it is about and if there is a concrete interest in creating a PoH profile.

Finally, I sincerely believe that the diffusion of what our community proposes can change a lot of things regarding our financial lives, our relationship with other humans and the digital world. And this is why I propose my case, thinking however that others than me will have much more to say.

Thank you very much @Accattone , I agree with you completely. Actually we have already discussed this, and have gathered together three or four stories which we are formatting now to add to a special online location to add to the PoH vision. I can’t confirm how it will look because it is being developed now, but if you would like to prepare something while you are waiting that would be great. I can send you some questions via DM to help if you would like? And if it is not too much trouble? Thanks again.

Concerning the sending of questions, I am, of course, at your complete disposal for this initiative.
I can produce a first version of the testimony by Thursday evening.

Oh, and if it helps and makes sense, I can translate my text from English into Brazilian Portuguese and/or Italian (two languages I know much better than English).

Hey all,

Why don’t we complete the first batch of testimonials before the first yr anniv?

Can help gather testimonial videos by asking it to our mems. Were you able to create a group to collab on layout etc?

I also believe that we need a powerful story/narrative to keep UBI alive for many years