We need a powerful story!

Hi folks,

It has occured to me that we’re missing something here. We talk about UBI and the benefits to humanity, but we’re actually not showing those at all. The vision needs to be made real by bringing it down to real people, with real problems.

So - is there a way to locate two or three beneficiaries of the UBI drip who use it to make a difference in their lives? Then feature them in a story to illustrate the goal of UBI and how it is making meaningful change in the world even after such a short time?

“Javier is 34 and last year he lost his job. It’s tough living in a country where 30% of the population don’t have a steady job and where inflation is running at 80%. He manages to do odd jobs for his neighbours from time to time, but it’s a hand to mouth existence. The launch of UBI has really helped Javier to even out his monthly income and avoid having to decide between food and other essential purchases…”

Or something like that. It can be anonymous of course, and it would be best if we could find a local journalist to do the story or stories. Bringing the story down to a personal level gets away from the cold technology and jargon like vaults, APY and other things that many people don’t relate to. People invest in people, why not use that human psychology to help fill the vaults and support the project?

Just a thought.


I completely agree with this. We need to put the story of the people benefitting with UBI out there. If someone can share some testimonies about this, maybe we can prepare and edit a nice video we can share to the larger community.


Great idea. Video and a short story maybe? Are there any South American journalists on PoH who would be willing to lend a hand?

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something i always wanted to see is a video compiling all of the grand parents, mothers, children on proof of humanity saying “i certify that i’m a real human…”

seeing in a quick 1 minute video the real humans benefiting with UBI helps tell the story of why we ubi


I would love to help by making a landing page in NextJS, i18n compliant explaining the benefits in different aspects of their lifes, in order to help citizens to read in their local language “down to reality” about real benefits (not talking about DAO, or Burning or Mint). Also prepare a section for the Press, bringing PR articles, and Press material such as logos, photos, and videos as @santisiri suggested. Let me know and I can push it to any repo. What do you think?


@toiluj23 that’s an awesome offer. Would it be possible to include spaces for a video or two of actual recipients of UBI like @santisiri suggests?

At this point with POH $ubi still in its infancy/building stage, I’d suggest we use anecdotes from other unconditional cash transfer trials.

There is a massive amount of stories from Canada, US, Namibia, etc.

Therefore, tell the stories and finish with, ‘now imagine if this network stretched across the world…’

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I think that missed the opportunity to really demonstrate this project. UBI is obviously helping some people in need. Why not demonstrate that rather than looking at other systems?


So has this initiative died the death of a thousand ignores? :slight_smile:

I offer myself as tribute, if someone creates the questions ill iterate through each question and answer at the most inner and deepest feeling i could go…