HIP-2 Recruitment Procedures and worker relations


Finding and evaluating talent is not easy for a decentralized organisation. This proposal gives some procedure for the recruitments made by the DAO.


The recruitment process for positions offered by the DAO is as follows:

  1. Candidates submits an initial proposal which contains:
  • A resume.
  • A brief writing explaining why they would like to work for the DAO and why they think they would be a great fit.
  • The % of their working time they propose to allocate to the DAO, the requested compensation and its yearly equivalent full time. Ex: 50% for 6 months for a total pay of 25k$ (100k$ of yearly equivalent full time).
  1. Candidates have a first interview with volunteers among people already working for the DAO (directly or indirectly).

  2. Volunteers ask candidates to complete one recruiting exercise.

  3. Volunteers indicate privately to the candidate the recommendation they would give to the DAO about the candidate (strong reject, weak reject, neutral, weak accept or strong accept). Candidates can then either allow those to become public or withdraw their application. They also have the possibility to readjust the requested compensation.

  4. Volunteers make those recommendation public.

  5. A recruitment proposal is put to vote.

Once a worker proposal is accepted, it’s paid monthly for all its duration. In case of under-performance, or budget restriction, the DAO can terminate contracts with a 2 week notice which starts counting from the end of the vote.
Workers can stop working within the same notice period but it is advised that they inform the DAO ahead of time and work to find a suitable replacement.
The DAO doesn’t monitor worker time, it only cares about productivity and assumes that an equivalent full-time is made of 226 days of work (365 days per year - 2*52 for weekends - 35 for holidays).


This proposal has been put to vote as HIP-2.