[Hiring] Developer

HIP-3 has been accepted.
The DAO is therefore hiring a developer.

Feel free to apply there as specified by HIP-2

Candidates should submits an initial proposal in this thread which contains:

  • Resume: A link to a resume.
  • Cover letter: A brief writing explaining why they would like to work for the DAO and why they think they would be a great fit.
  • Requested compensation: The % of their working time they propose to allocate to the DAO, the requested compensation and its yearly equivalent full time. Ex: 50% for 6 months for a total pay of 25k$ (100k$ of yearly equivalent full time).

PS: The text above is an extract of HIP-2, the position is full-time.



My resume:

I’d like to apply to work developing new edge systems to help people around the world get involved in this new internet cycle. I like very much what is being proposed here, creating a secure network of trust is something hard to achieve but it has a tremendous meaning for Decentralized Authonomous Organizations. I have a good background working with crypto, as developer and archtecting IT solutions, also have worked with democracy earth in early ideas for proof of humanity.

Compensation: 50k USD/year


Sorry you have been left alone for a while, but I think it makes most sense if the incoming PM (once chosen) will run the hiring process. Hope you will be patient with us:)

I think we want to move fast, so I wouldn’t wait a position to be filled to fill another.

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@Mads - I am down to interview Cleber. We could even do a joint call with him.

@CleberW3b - Share your timezone and availability details (or a calendly link ). We will setup a discussion on behalf of the DAO to speak with you.

Paul, go ahead without me, I don’t have the “bandwidth” for another hiring thread:)

I co-authored this blog post with more info about the position, with @SofiaCossar, @Justin and @RoboTeddy . We are community members and potential co-workers (me and Sofia are applying to the PM position, and Justin and RoboTeddy have kindly offered to assist the DAO as consultants on product and engineering).

We understand that applying through a thread on a public forum might be off-putting, especially for a position with so much responsibility and visibility. We want to help! If you think you might be a great fit, and are interested in an initial chat to learn more about Proof of Humanity or the position, feel free to reach out via this form and we’ll get in contact with all promising candidates to schedule a conversation!


Hi everybody,

This is my application for the developer/founder position.

I’m a software veteran. I would be happy to pair/tutor/tadem with a junior.

My resume is my github profile. See JeanHuguesRobert (Jean Hugues Robert) · GitHub.

My cover letter is this proposal that I wrote 5 years ago: @jhr is virteal, virtually real

My requested compensation is 50% of my working time, 84k$ of yearly equivalent full time.

Ask me anything.


Jean Hugues


Update : I sent a submition for the Dfinity developer grant. See it there: Dropbox - Kudocracy.pdf - Simplify your life



Hi, unfortunately this is a fulltime position.

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Hi clasaege,

My mistake. The paragraph on the “Requested compension” that mentions a 50 per cent example confused me. Working full time on a single projet? I’m sorry Cleasaege, I’m afraid I can’t do that.