HIP-3 Recruitment of workers for the DAO


For its development, the DAO needs people working on it. The two main priorities would be a project manager and a developer.


We propose that the DAO opens two positions: 1 “project manager” (in charge of increasing integrations, community management, etc.) and 1 developer (to fix bugs, add new features to PoH, help with integrations, etc). The positions will be paid partially in ETH (labelled in USD), partially in UBI (labelled in UBI).

This proposal doesn’t directly engage the DAO but signals that it will consider applicants.


In order to expand, the DAO needs workers.


Hello,i am really intesrested .
Where can i send the information required( resume ,etc) in order to apply?
Thanks in advanced.

Hello! I would like to send my resume to apply. Where can i do it?

Well the proposal hasn’t been put to vote yet. But follow this thread to see if it is accepted and the positions are opened.

Definitely to grow it needs resources allocated to it. Integration seems to me the most important thing to leverage.

Also interested here, is there any place where we can attach our profile, linkedin, twitter, etc?


great, i didnt read this.

This proposal has been put to vote as HIP-3.

Hola estoy interesado… Tengo un equipo de diseñadores, frontends y project manager (con experiencia avanzada) ya armado y nos gustaría poder involucrarnos directamente en las mejoras de la web (diseño y frontend) me gustaría llevar una propuesta más formal y presentar los perfiles.

Saludos y gran proyecto le vemos mucho futuro!

I would like to apply too as PM. I am already working on developing a solution for sustaining the price of UBI + increasing the amount of UBI commensurate to your contributions to society (see Endowment model to support UBI - #8 by HBesso31).

Am working with a team too, educating myself on the matter, and have at disposal a network of high-skilled volunteers to make what the DAO decides, happen.