$YUBIAI token affecting $UBI

What is Yubiai
A decentralized MarketPlace Store for every Human registered on the ProofOfHumanity registry!

Every Human registered on ProofOfHumanity registry will have access with his address to the store and will be able to use $UBI to buy and sell goods . To maintain this MP, a small amount UBI will we charged for every transaction, half to maintain and half to burn.

We have been working on a $YUBIAI utility token, for funding costs related to the marketplace, but some members of the community, call to my attention that this could affect in a negative way the tokenomic of $UBI, by increase the circulating supply of tokens of the $UBI economy, compete for the liquidity around it, and dilluting the $UBI price.

Some of the costs that $YUBIAI would finance are

  • Audit and mainnet deployment costs.

  • Monthly AWS and annual custom domain (DNS).

  • Covering expenses for collaborators and founders.

  • Future equipment needed (hardware, monthly satellite internet connection, monthly remuneration, marketing budget, and work travel expenses)

Una tienda de mercado descentralizada para todos los humanos registrados en el registro de ProofOfHumanity.

Todos los humanos registrados en el registro de ProofOfHumanity tendrán acceso con su dirección a la tienda y podrán utilizar $UBI para comprar y vender productos. Para mantener este MP, se cobrará una pequeña cantidad de UBI por cada transacción, la mitad para mantenerla y la otra mitad para quemarla.

Hemos estado trabajando en un token de utilidad $YUBIAI, para la financiación de los costes relacionados con el marketplace, pero algunos miembros de la comunidad, me llamaron la atención de que esto podría afectar de forma negativa al tokenómic de $UBI, al aumentar la cantidad de tokens en el ecosistema, mayor el market cap por lo tanto menos liquidez que podría ser aportada directamente para $UBI.

Algunos de los costes que financiaría $YUBIAI son

Costes de auditoría y despliegue a mainnet.

Gastos mensuales de AWS y anuales de dominio personalizado (DNS).

Cubrir los gastos de los colaboradores y fundadores.

Futuros equipos necesarios (hardware, conexión mensual a internet por satélite, remuneración mensual, presupuesto de marketing y gastos de viajes de trabajo).


Hi Nacho,

Thanks for the post.
I think you’re taking for granted that we all know what $YUBIAI is or what you’re planning.

It would be best if you edit the post explaining what is YUBIAI, why we need it and how does it help anyone in the community.
Also, it would be good to see an estimated budget on the costs you listed.


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I think YUBAIA token wouldnt compete, at least in the long run, with the UBI token. Furthermore, by attracting new players into the PoH ecosystem and giving the currency more uses it will work more as a positive externality, strenghening UBI in turn.

Some questions which might not have yet an answer:
How will the token be distributed, will it be an ICO, an airdrop for early users, both?
What kind of utility will it have? Will it serve for discounts, pay for featured Ads with more exposure?
Will it have any governance over the Marketplace?

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No the link is not working

Among the team collaborators and all the humans involved on the support of the project, it was thought that way yes as ICO, if we continue with this yes we can do airdrop for early users also.

Yes the intended utility is inside the platform, discounts, featured ads with priority over others items.

We decease in a first instance in going that way due to recent article that VB wrote about token governance.

Oks, sry Jorge, I just added what was inside that link in the introduction, you should be able to see it now as plain text.

More project coming in the UBI ecosystem is unlikely to negatively affect UBI price.
UBI is a good stablishcoin, not a token to govern a marketplace so having another one makes sense.


Would be great if @jputzel and @santisiri could give their input on this one… We put alot of time and effort in the development of the $YUBIAI…

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I like this idea moving forward and I share clesaege opinion that in the long run it would bring a new use case to POH and the UBI token. Benefiting both in the process.

I also think that a cost estimate for at least the first 6 months of the project would be needed in order to get approval from the broader community.