Delegation thread

Proof of humanity allows to delegate to other members, you can delegate on the delegation page.
Delegations are valid until they are changed.
If you do not vote for a proposal the vote of your delegate will be counted instead.
You always retain your right to vote (so if you and your delegate both vote, your vote will the counted).
Note that if you are using a smart contract wallet, this is the only way to vote, but you can obviously delegate to an account you control.

You can use this thread for a giving a delegate pitch, please format it as follows:



Delegate pitch

Hi, I’m Clément Lesaege and I’m the inventor of Proof Humanity (I wrote the whitepaper based on an idea by Vitalik Buterin with the help of some anonymous contributors). I’m also the CTO and one of the founders of Kleros.
I believe proof of humanity to be a very important tool for web3 sybil resistance which can allow better distribution of both wealth and influence by using systems such as 1 person → 1 vote, 1 person → 1 revenue stream and those related to quadratic funding/voting.
I believe in rational and fair decision making. As a delegate I pledge to vote for what I feel best for the the project and not to engage in edgy behaviors like vote sniping.




Delegate pitch

Got into Bitcoin in 2011 and started a digital political party in Buenos Aires in 2012 known as Partido de la Red. In 2015 I founded the Democracy Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization backed by Y Combinator that has deployed open source and censorship resistant democracy pilots around the world. Today I’m also Executive Director of DAO Education, an organization that builds educational tools for the Information Society and authored the book “Hacktivismo”,​ published in 2015 by Random House. For further reference you can check my Github profile and my Linkedin one.

With Democracy Earth we published The Social Smart Contract back in 2017 as an open and collaborative effort to detect relevant strategies for crypto to enable borderless governance and in 2020 we co-authored the paper Who Watches The Watchmen that reviews existing approaches of decentralized identity systems. I been directly responsible for the development of the UBI token that streams itself to verified humans on PoH and I’m knowledgeable about how PoH as a whole works from the inside out.

I will support proposals and ideas that aim to expand the impact and influence of PoH since I firmly believe this could become one of the most relevant networks of the Web3 era.

I commit to always keep open communication channels on Twitter, Telegram, Discourse and any other forums where our community engages to make sure I’m able to make the most informed decision on every vote held in the DAO.

Also, I will engage in tactics that lead to victory with a careful consideration for how each election game is held. I believe that narrowing down justice to strict rationality and game theory is naive and will fight for improvements anywhere is needed.

Last but not least, justice requires empathy and above all: free speech that enables dissent over the status quo of how Proof of Humanity works. I will fight those who dare censoring voices and pretend to centralize power in the protocol.




Delegate Pitch

Not associated with the founding parties, but count myself among the people who were immensely attracted to the vision and joined when PoH was launched. Of the people in this group, I have so far been far the most active in the legislative process.

I am a strong advocate of creating an empowered leadership team with a strong vision for PoH and for doing so quickly. “Decentralized” is all well and good, but nothing is ever positively created by commitee - we need a leadership to push for a vision. And create a backstop and to control on that power. As long as we do not have a leadership, though, there are no partnerships, no coherent communication, small chances of finding more funds for operation.

With respect to myself, I have read an immense amount of philosophy, economics, history, and social science and my formal training as a physicist has given me a solid understanding of statistics and critical thinking. As a small business owner of a SaaS solution I have some understanding of project management and web tools.




Delegate pitch

I’m Jimmy Ragosa and I humbly request that you delegate your PoH DAO voting power to me.

Part of the Bitcoin ecosystem since 2013 and Ethereum since 2016, I’ve been involved in the promotion of the web3 community through the Ethereum France association. As a Product Manager for several Ethereum Startups such as VariabL and Consensys, I have always been ensuring products I am involved with are being improved continuously in a consistent manner with their core vision and I pledge to vote on PoH proposals guaranteeing the best product improvement path ahead.

As I am currently managing the Integrations initiatives as part of the Kleros team who built Proof of Humanity, I will use the delegation powers you entrust me with to ensure the PoH registry becomes a core “lego brick” of the blockchain ecosystem and the undisputed reference when an application needs Sybil resistance.

I am a big believer in the UBI project, being one of the main contributors to its liquidity pools and to the UBI/DAI vault. I will make sure UBI tokenomics keep being improved and experimenting new ways to bring value to its holders. However, I also think UBI is only one for the applications to be built on top of PoH and that it should not be the sole focus of the DAO at the detriment of other promising use cases that could bring tremendous traction for PoH.

Please delegate your vote to me if you believe Proof of Humanity DAO should follow the best practices and experience from the successful DAOs out there and innovate on top of it;

P.S.: (I am the author of HIP-5)



Delegate pitch
Hi, I am Hilde Latour from the Netherlands. I am currently Vice-Chair of Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and co-founder of Mission Possible 2030, bot Basic Income organisations with a global scope. I dedicate most of my time to Basic Income because I believe that Basic Income is the only way to absolute freedom of choice as long as we need money to have access to basic needs. I believe in a future of abundance where people become the guardians of the planet and its resources, with a system of direct democracy. If you are interested in how we could restore the commons and generate Basic Income at the same time, you can watch my TEDx “Building commons on the blockchain, a new narrative for basic income”.
I am also involved in an exciting learning initiative where children are in the lead; Self-Organised learning and Innovation (SOLI Hub).
I will particularly look for proposals that encourage diversity, protect our digital identity and enhance the sustainability of the resources of PoH

For the Planetary Senate of PoH I was interviewed by Humberto Besso




Delegate Pitch

Hello community. I had previously removed my post while building confidence that I understood enough to participate in governance intelligently.

My name is Justin Kalland. As an entrepreneur, I have been building tech products for 20 years. As a crypto enthusiast, I started with Bitcoin in 2010. As a person, I am passionate about applying technology to improving humanity and our home.

PoH’s potential is limitless. What we are building will become a primary protocol for the foundation of decentralization. Bringing humanity to the blockchain isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It will allow decentralization to disrupt the status quo. It will empower humanity not only to solve global issues but to own the solution.

I joined this community in April. From the start, I have participated as much as I can. My primary focus has been on fostering growth in the PoH ecosystem. Part of this has been outreach with other projects. Another part has been supporting developers in building native applications for PoH/UBI. In support of UBI, I have purchased $55,000 from recipients (#UBI_100days) and contribute daily to the vaults ($31k and counting).

We have a long road ahead of us. Without participation in governance, we will fail. Regardless of whether you choose me as your delegate, I am here to serve the community. My commitment is to continue following the vision of limitless potential, of building a foundational protocol. And to put this vision ahead of my own.




Delegate pitch

Hi, I’m Walter Ferrer,
I started at the Coca Cola company where I developed in the marketing and merchandising area; After this, I was one of those summoned by Pepsico to put together the marketing and merchandising strategy.
I currently work as a product manager in a consulting firm dedicated to new clean energy technologies, among other things.
I am extremely new to the PoH community but a fervent admirer of Santiago and I have listened and supported him since I met him on the radio, I am not a computer scientist, I always try to understand more about programming.
Lately I am gaining knowledge of everything related to Kleros to see how to improve it, for the PoH community, so I support this idea Brainstorming Appeal DAO ; Using this as an administrative instance. As I have proposed many times in different HIP treatises here. this instance is extremely necessary, it would solve many of the current challenger level problems
We are facing a new revolution, a new digital ecosystem is proposed, I fervently believe in universal basic income to be able to help people who are outside the system, we work together with the NGO ECOS DEL SOL on trafficking and gender violence
I am currently studying my doctorate in law focused on constitutionalism. So basically I offer my knowledge in law, which is often frowned upon, but it’s always good to add one more person, to help us see the ways we could get in trouble, it’s a community building a new era, with regard to legal issues it is always better to prevent and the more eyes the better
I believe that I can be a good delegate in the matters that I know